The service we offer is simple. We know that there area a lot of affiliates out there who dont have websites and in some cases they don’t know how to build them.

Step 1: Click on register as a contributer and fill in your email address and user name. You will then recieve a password to your email address so you can log into your own dashboard and add posts to our site.

Step 2: Login and click ad new post. Put in your product details, add an image and then put your affiliate link in the bottom and give the product an honest rating from 0 stars to five stars. (Facebook Images dont work but Pinterest do).

Step 3: Promote your product on any social networking site or anywhere online and the link wont be blocked because your not putting a banned website link in Facebook or Twitter.

All content is reviewed carefully before it is set live on the site. We have a large marketing budget for the next 12 months so your posts will get seen a lot just by adding them.


1: Only 2 outgoing link per page

2: The page must be promoting a product thats fits into our site (any affiliate product or wordpress theme/plugin)

3: No adult content unless there are no crude images

Good luck making money online, oh and dont forget to search other people products on our site.

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