What Does Magic Page Do?

Magic Page is the worlds first SEO perfect Mass Page Creator.

  • You simply install the plugin onto any WordPress website.
  • You then add just 1 page of content regarding your business, message or service.
  • You then select the areas you want the site to cover and set the miles radius.
  • Magic Page will then take your 1 piece of content and build SEO perfect pieces of content for every single area you are targeting.

Once these pages are picked up by the Search Engines you will see they rank highly in the Search Engines for local keywords in every single area that you are targeting.

What Type Of Industry Is Magic Page Good For?

✓ Local Companies – If you run a local company and have a local search for your business for example (locksmith in location). Then this product can literally double your turnover in less than 90 days

✓ National Companies – If you run a national company but your product has some kind of local search for example (kitchen company near area). Then you can have your website ranking in 180,000 areas across the country bringing in thousands of leads every month

✓ Lead Generation – If you want forms completing or you want to generate calls for any local business you can build 1 website, install this plugin and set the radius to have ranking web pages in every single area they cover

✓ Traffic Generation – If you’re looking to build sites that generate hundreds and thousands of relevant searches every single month, then all you need to do is find anything that has a local search and then build a website because these pages rank everywhere.

✓ AdSense – Adsense is a spin-off of traffic generation, but if you have anything that gets a lot of local searches, then you can build sites with this software, then insert your Adsense code and get paid every single time they get clicked

✓ List Building – If you’re looking to build a list for any industry and you have a great lead magnet with a decent conversion, then you need to get that lead magnet in front of people. Imagine you sell plumbing products and want to build a plumbing list what better way than to include your lead magnet on a plumbing page and rank it for every single area in the whole country

✓ Affiliate Offers – Most people start out making money on the internet as affiliates and they generate income every single time someone buys a product through their link. With this product and an affiliate deal with Amazon and eBay, you can build sites that rank in every area in the country for anything on Amazon or eBay that has a local search. For Example (Where to get a cheap bike in location) they come onto you page that has products from Amazon or eBay and if they buy anything from the site you make money. The same works with where to buy a Childs bed in location or Jeweller in location.

The opportunities for this product really are endless. With over 40,000 searches in Google every second, you really do need to be on the first page of Google in as many areas as you possibly can to earn a great living online.

What Are Magic Page Technical Features?

Magic Page adds Geolocation data to the back end of every single page it generates for better SEO

Magic Page includes location, city, region, county, zip, country, longitude and latitude setting hidden in the back of every single page to help increase rankings

Magic Page takes care of Facebook Open Graph and your Twitter Card on Autopilot

Magic Page structures your data perfectly in line with schema.org which is how Google asks you to structure your website so it can rank your site correctly

Magic Page has a unique map on every page that points to the page location and holds the keyword and location data to help rankings

Magic Page has a special linking system that lists the ten closest areas to the current page giving every single page a unique list of links that work like a unique wave style sitemap

Magic Page only ever stores 1 page on your website and that page generates the other 180,000 pages if and when they are needed by you or the search engines. This ensures even a huge 180,000-page website runs just as fast as a small 5-page site.

Magic Page has a location specific data tool which allows you to show different numbers, emails, content and even special offers dependant on where the customer is when they access your page. You can even link to different affiliate offers in different States so advertise mountain bikes in one State whilst advertising thermal clothing in another and even snow tires in another. This can all be done from a single page easily with the Magic Page

What Are Magic Page Limits?

Magic Page only covers the USA at present

You can cover up to 180,000 areas in the USA with a single page of content (is this a limit? I think not)

Magic Page is limited to 1 install on 1 domain, but you can install Magic Page on unlimited domains and unlimited subdomains

Check it out >> HERE