Storebox-WordPress Theme

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StoreBox-eCommerce-theme-v1.5-A trendy, easy-to-use webshop WordPress theme with product previews, post blocks to link to new collection and blog posts, and sleek buying options that are perfect for a brand-new business venture. Storebox includes a relaxing look that puts equal weight in your products as well as your post and blog content, helping you build an audience of regular visitors that will maximize your sales impact when the special deals arrive. Slideshow and product showcase widgets offer a simple way to impress new visitors. Big header slides are used to define your brands and consumer reach, and our GK Products Gallery plugin overlays the bottom of the slides with smooth product highlights, with pricing, animated pagination and hover animations for a lively frontpage. Bring your blog content to the spotlight to increase customer engagement. The News Block widget, created especially for StoreBox, creates article highlights that are just the thing for detailing your big new lines, popular brands and upcoming trends. Creating content is easy thanks to the clear functionality of WordPress, enhanced with our typography that matches your text style with the theme aesthetics. WooCommerce shopping eCard is ready to help you with sales. With the popular WooCommerce plugin providing the product and payment framework and GavickPro design and plugins provided the flair, you’ll offer the best shopping experience on the web. WooCommerce support simplifies adding products, with wide-ranging options for adding products, categories and more. Combined with our plugins, your frontpage can be updated constantly without input.

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